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Bylaws are rules that all members of Riding Revolt are required to follow whenever playing GTA Online or engaging in our Discord server.

ARTICLE 1: Requirements

1.1: Own an in-game motorcycle.

1.2: Display the emblem during crew activities and events.
1.3: This is your only serious crew. (Other hobby crews such as racing, deathmatch, heist crews are fine)
1.4: Have Discord installed for communication. (No mic required)




ARTICLE 2: Conduct & Order

2.1: No discrimination against other players for their: (Including but not limited to)

  • Sex

  • Gender Identity

  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Disability

2.2: Listen and comply with the crew hierarchy:

  • Enforcing Bylaws/Crew Policy

  • Giving instruction at Crew Events/Crew Wars/in PvP (Player versus Player)

2.3: Attacking Freemode work of non-hostile players is prohibited. (For example: Destroying their CEO crates)

2.4: Decisions concerning the crew's future or a change in policy must be taken to the table, with systems and procedures detailing more specific situations.

2.5: Biker Jackets/Cuts described as 'worn' are only available to members who have been patched in for 1 year+.

2.6: Any form of 'doxing' players is prohibited.

2.7: Any modding in GTA Online is prohibited.
2.7a: BincoHax (Purely a clothing tool) is the only exception to Bylaw 2.7 and is permitted for:

  • Patched Members 

  • Prospects/Hangarounds that have been in our discord server for 1 year+




ARTICLE 3: Weapons

3.1: Acceptable weapons for use against MC & Gang Players:

  • All Melee Weapons
  • All Pistols & Revolvers
  • All Submachine Guns
  • All Assault Rifles
  • Pump Action Shotguns/Double Barrel Shotguns
(Explosive Rounds, Incendiary Rounds, and the Up-N-Atomizer are not allowed.)
3.1a: If enemy MC/Gang members use weapons on you that are not listed above you may use the same weapons back.

3.2: Any weapon in the wheel is acceptable against "Random" Players.​
3.3: Any Weapon/Vehicle/Play-style is permitted against Tryhards/Modders (this includes exploits such as: Passive Toggling, Easy Way Out mid fight, Job Teleportation abuse & Map/Wall Breaches). This bylaw is to be called by the highest ranking member available (including Prospects and Hangarounds).




ARTICLE 4: Use of Vehicles

4.1: Armoured/Military vehicles can be used as weapons against players:

  • To complete Freemode MC/CEO Sale/Supply missions.
  • Against enemy player(s) that are using/have used Armoured/Military vehicles (this includes Drones and Remote Control Cars/Tanks).
  • If Freemode work requires you to deliver an Armoured/Military vehicle to a location.
  • Against Arena War Bikes with Mounted Weapons/Arena War Armor/Jump Upgrades. 
  • Against enemy player(s) that are using/have used the Orbital Cannon.
  • If Bylaw 3.3 is in use.
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