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Hangarounds are players who like to spend time and hang around with the club. They get to hang out with us without the commitment of having to turn up to crew meetings. They are still expected to follow our crew Bylaws when playing GTA Online. This is where everyone in the crew starts off. You can either remain a Hangaround without activity commitment to the club or get yourself noticed enough to earn a Sponsor to begin Prospecting. 


As a Prospect you are trying to join the Riding Revolt MC. The Club monitors your behavior. They will be looking at your actions as indication of whether you want to be here, how well you mix with the group, if you are following the Bylaws, do we think you will be here long term etc. In order for you to join the MC ALL non Nomad members must vote you in. Prospecting DOES NOT guarantee you will be accepted into the crew.

Prospect Phase: 60 days minimum.


If you are accepted into the crew, you will become part of the Revolt and receive the same rights as any other member(including the right to vote on crew matters). Members will treat you as virtual family. You will be expected to continue following our Bylaws and uphold the same standards.

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