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Hangarounds are players who have access to the club discord server and can spend time with the members. They get to hang out with us without the commitment of having to turn up to crew meetings or activities. They are still expected to follow our crew Bylaws when playing GTA Online. This is where everyone in the crew starts off. Depending on your intentions you could get a member to sponsor you to become a Prospect. You could also remain a Hangaround if you prefer not having the commitment to turn up to crew meetings, activities or events.

 If the members don't want to be around you or you become completely inactive you will be kicked. 


As a Prospect you are trying to join the Riding Revolt Motorcycle Club (the main crew). The club monitors your behavior. They will be looking at your actions as indication of whether you want to be here, how well you mix with the group, if you are following the Bylaws, do we think you will be here long term etc. In order for you to join the club all members, apart from the Nomads, must vote unanimously in favor of your membership. Prospecting DOES NOT guarantee you will be accepted into the crew.

 Prospect Phase: 60 days minimum. 


If you are accepted into the club, you will be granted the right to discuss and vote on crew matters. Patched members will be required to attend club meetings every other week (obviously real life obligations/experiences take priority over these meetings). You will be expected to continue following our Bylaws and upholding the same standards.


Make sure your Rockstar Games Social Club profile is set to public. This includes your Wall, your Friends and your Stats. If your Rockstar Games Social Club profile has any of these set as private your application will be rejected. If your application is approved you will be messaged on Rockstar Games Social Club.

We are a small crew with lives outside of GTA Online so please don't expect us to get back to you 10 minutes after submitting a crew application. If you do not receive a message on Rockstar Games Social Club after 72 hours of applying you can assume your application has been rejected.

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