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Riding Revolt is a virtual Outlaw Motorcycle Club operating in Grand Theft Auto Online exclusively on the PC platform. We use organized structure and very light role play in order to emulate being an Outlaw Motorcycle Club within the GTA HD Universe. Our Clubhouse has been located in Hawick, Los Santos since March 30th 2017. We are the only established Motorcycle Club that has occupied this space in the PC MC community. The crew was founded on July 7th 2016 by two real life brothers and has been active ever since.

What is Riding Revolt about?

Riding Revolt MC is about being part of a structured biker themed crew. An active community where people chill out, have fun and have each others backs in the hostile world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Enjoying all aspects of GTA Online from Freemode Events to Custom Jobs & Playlists to Crew Wars etc. Bringing people with shared interests together to ride around San Andreas.

We are a modern Motorcycle Club that welcomes other motorcycles alongside the 
Western/LCC brands typical of other Clubs.

The Riding Revolt Motorcycle Club does not wear a "1%" diamond or embody its attitude in regard to GTA rules.  


• Independence (From Coalitions, Alliances & unnecessary MC protocols)

• Motorcycle Diversity (Not being limited to the traditional Western/LCC brand of motorcycles)

• Female Equality (Females can become full patched members)

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